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In September of that year, Adelson visited the Osaka prefectural government headquarters. In remarks to a group of reporters, he emphasized that Integrated Resorts must turn a profit, and requested that the regulations controlling casinos in the resorts not be subjected to limitations on the amount of floor space. Also last year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan made public its views regarding deregulation of financial services offered to casino customers and constraints on the size of floor areas. Afterwards, the controls on casino floor space that had initially appeared in the government's draft proposal for the new law were removed; the bill also gave approval for casino operators to lend funds to customers to be used for gambling. Abe's party rammed through the law for establishing Integrated Resorts, which will include casinos, last December. Before it came up for a vote, he had made such remarks as, "IRs will be beneficial in helping to establish Japan as a tourist destination," and "We want to contribute to alleviating social concerns toward Integrated Resorts." When the matter of U.S. involvement was raised during Diet deliberations in June, Abe replied that the topic of casinos did not come up during his talks with Trump. When it was pointed out that requests from the U.S. side corresponded almost completely with the new version of the bill, the government emphatically claimed those policies had been decided by Japanese without any outside influence. Yukio Edano, leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, bitterly criticized the proposed bill in its present form, remarking, "U.S.

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